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Gainesville Sun
Officials extend homeless shelter contract
Disgusted. Embarrassed. Disturbing. Unethical. And a bit silly.  That was how some Gainesville and Alachua County commissioners described negotiations with each other while trying to ensure 300 homeless people have access to food, showers and a place to sleep come Jan. 1.  After nearly five hours of deliberation, the governing bodies agreed to extend a contract three months, which will allow the Alachua County Coalition of the Homeless and Hungry to continue to run Grace Marketplace until March 31.

Palm Beach Post

Editorial: Florida Legislature assault on home rule must end

Florida’s counties and municipalities are under siege. But it’s not just from crises such as rising sea levels, a spreading opioid epidemic or lack of affordable housing. The state’s Republican-controlled Legislature, which has been chipping away at Florida’s bedrock “home rule” statute for years, appears ready to take to a sledgehammer to it in the 2018 legislative session and supplant local elected officials’ authority on local issues with that of state lawmakers. That would be bad for local residents and taxpayers.

Florida Politics
Hillsborough Commissioners want Legislature to address who has curfew power
Nearly three months after Hillsborough County Administrator Mike Merrill and Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn engaged in a verbal skirmish about who had the power to call for an emergency curfew in Tampa, County Commissioners would like local state legislators to weigh in.  The issue goes back to the days leading up the arrival of Hurricane Irma in the Tampa Bay area, which was predicted to bring major damage to the region.