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Sarasota Herald Tribune

Editorial: Pass law to protect housing funds

From the “there shouldn’t have to be a law but history shows there is a need for one” file: A Republican state senator and a Democratic representative in the Florida House have filed legislation intended to prevent the Legislature and governor from raiding affordable-housing trust funds. For decades, the Legislature and multiple governors have plundered trust-fund revenue like a band of pirates — shortchanging affordable housing and undermining the intent of the law that created the funds.

Daytona Beach News Journal

OUR VIEW: Stop eroding home rule

One of the more appealing aspects of living in Florida is that it is such a diverse state, geographically and culturally. The Panhandle has little in common with Central Florida, which is quite different from South Florida. The old saying about the Sunshine State — “The farther south you go, the further North you are” — rings true to this day. So why are so many lawmakers in the Capitol intent on treating Florida as a homogeneous entity? Continuing a trend that has gained steam in recent years, the Legislature this session is considering several bills that would strip counties and municipalities of their ability to govern themselves.

Times / Herald

Florida braces for impact of federal government shutdown

As a dysfunctional Washington stumbled toward the brink of a midnight shutdown of the federal government, state officials scrambled to prepare for its impact on Florida. Many aspects of everyday life involve the federal government, from Everglades National Park in Homestead to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. In a state with millions of retirees, a lifeline is the monthly Social Security check, which officials emphasized won’t be disrupted by a shutdown.