Florida 2017-2018 Constitutional Revision Commission

The Constitution Revision Commission is a group of 37 people appointed to review and recommend changes to the Florida Constitution; found in Article XI, Section 2 of the Florida Constitution. Every 20 years the commission is appointed to examine the Florida Constitution, hold public hearings and possibly recommend changes to the Florida Constitution for voter consideration. 

The Constitution Revision Commission is one of five ways that Floridians can amend the state constitution. The Florida Constitution dictates the creation of a Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) every 20 years for the purpose of reviewing the state constitution and proposing changes for voter consideration. 

The Governor of Florida appoints 15 members, the House Speaker and Senate President each pick nine members, three members are chosen by the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida Attorney General is an automatic member. The Governor selects one of the 37 members to serve as chairman.

The commission will begin its work upon the conclusion of the 2017 session. The commission will hold public hearings throughout the state where citizens can attend, share ideas and feedback on potential proposals for the ballot. After gathering public input, the commission will recommend proposals for the 2018 ballot. The proposals will be placed on the ballot and voters will ultimately decide what passes. Proposals require 60 percent of the vote in order to pass.

Anticipated Timeline of the 2017-2018 Constitution Revision Commission

•    February 2017: 2017-2018 Constitution Revision Commission named
•    2017 Legislative Session: Appropriations for Commission’s work
•    April 2017: 2017-2018 Constitution Revision Commission begins work
•    November 2018: Citizens vote on proposals