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FAC News Clips – February 14, 2018


Local News


CBS Miami

Miami-Dade County Launches First Ever Branded Condom




Citrus County Chronicle

Board: Bikes not worth additional regulation

Recumbent bicycles may be a hazard, but Citrus County commissioners don’t feel a regulation is necessary to deal with it. Commissioner Jimmie T. Smith said during Tuesday’s county commission meeting that recumbent bicycles ride low to the ground and motorists at intersections may accidentally run into one because it’s out the driver’s line of vision. Smith suggested the county require recumbent bikes to have flags or pennants flying from the bike’s rear. While not a regulation, many manufacturers sell the bikes with rear flags.


City Lab

A New State Preemption Battlefield: Dockless Bikesharing

Last July, bright green bikes from the dockless bikeshare company LimeBike started appearing in Miami Beach. It wasn’t immediately clear if the company was trying to quietly launch their system, or if people were just riding the bikes the 15 miles from Key Biscayne, where LimeBike had legally set up shop. Miami Beach officials deemed them “unauthorized” and responded with $1,000 fines for the company and threats to impound the bikes. A LimeBike spokesperson says it was a misunderstanding caused by Key Biscayne users bringing bikes to Miami Beach; the issue was resolved after they came and collected their stray bikes.




Florida Today

Brevard County can weigh in on Florida Constitution | Opinion

The Florida Constitutional Review Commission will have a public hearing Monday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Maxwell C King Center on the Melbourne campus of Eastern Florida State College, This will be one of the final rounds of public hearings before the commissioners decide which proposals will be placed on the November ballot. This is a tremendous opportunity for the Space Coast to speak up and weigh in on some very serious issues.  Amending our constitution should be done with great care and caution, and thus citizen participation is critical to this process.


Medical Marijuana


Florida Today

Brevard County Commission to tackle zoning for medical marijuana dispensaries

Brevard County commissioners will try again next week to figure out how to regulate what are known as "medical marijuana treatment center dispensing facilities" in unincorporated areas of the county. Commissioner have been discussing the issue off and on since May of last year.  There currently is a moratorium in place that prevents such facilities from opening in unincorporated Brevard. That moratorium is scheduled to expire with the end of the 2018 Florida Legislature session on March 9.




Jackson County Floridian

County at odds on admin salary

Jackson County Commissioners may agree on who they should hire to become the new county administrator — but there’s some disagreement about how much he should be paid. And at least one commissioner doubts if all his fellow board members really want that candidate at the helm. Commissioner James Peacock wanted to offer Lyndon L. Bonner $80,000 to take the job. Bonner had emerged as the top candidate when commissioners’ individual rankings of the top six candidates were tallied.


Santa Rosa News

Assistant County Administrator promoted to County Administrator

Santa Rosa County’s Assistant County Administrator Dan Schebler during a planning workshop this morning was named the new County Administrator by county commissioners. Schebler was hired March 13, 2017 for a newly created $115,000 assistant county administrator.   Following a medical leave of absence taken at the end of 2017, current Santa Rosa County Administrator Tony Gomillion recently announced he will be retiring from his $135,720 position. Schebler retired from active duty in the U.S. Navy after serving 27 years as a captain and naval flight officer.


State Budget


News Service of Florida

House Readies 'Across the Board' Tax Package

Farmers, nursing homes and property owners impacted by Hurricane Irma could receive tax relief as part of a $332.7 million package that will be introduced Wednesday in the Florida House. The package (PCB WMC 18-03), which will be rolled out in the House Ways & Means Committee, will be built on education-related tax credits, a reduction in a commercial-lease tax and sales tax “holidays’ on back-to-school items and hurricane supplies. Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Renner, R-Palm Coast, said Tuesday the goal is to offer “across the board” savings, without hurting the budget.


Citrus County Chronicle

House plans hang state lands, and Citrus, out to dry

Time is running out for Florida’s legislators to come to an agreement on how they want to fund conservation and environmental protection going forward, and that could mean a drastic funding cut to a program that has greatly benefited Citrus County and its waterways over the past five years. At issue is the gap between plans by the state Senate and House of Representatives — or more precisely, the failure by the House to commit to funding the environment in the way the Senate is.


Vacation Rentals


Orlando Sentinel

Vacation rentals preemption bill stalls in Florida House

TALLAHASSEE – A move to preempt local regulations for vacation rentals stalled in the House on Tuesday, weakening its chances of becoming law in the final weeks of the legislative session. The bill, HB 773, from Rep. Mike LaRosa was postponed ahead of a key vote, an indication it didn’t have the votes to pass. LaRosa, R-St. Cloud, filed an amendment to the bill to set up state-level regulations of residences used as vacation rentals, which have boomed in popularity in recent years with the advent of Airbnb, Homeaway and other online platforms linking vacationers with would-be bed-and-breakfast hosts.